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Wolfgang Bossinger führte zusammen mit Prof. Dr. Stephen Clift und Prof. Dr. Gunter Kreutz die folgende Studie über die Wirkungen von Singgruppen an Kliniken und Gesundheitseinrichtungen durch.


Veröffentlicht 2015 in: Oxford Textbook of Creative Arts, Health, and Wellbeing - International perspectives on practice, policy and research 

Chapter 42. Case Study: Singing in Hospitals: Bridging therapy and everyday life 

Gunter Kreutz, University of Oldenburg, Germany, Stephen Clift, Canterbury Christ Church University, UK, 

Wolfgang Bossinger, Singing Hospitals International Network, Germany 



Singing Hospitals is an International Network to promote singing in health facilities. The chapter first describes the development of the initiative, its mission and quality control issues since its inauguration in 2010. The growing number of clinical singing groups over the years suggests high a potential to include a wide range of patient populations in musical activities. Recently, a research project has been launched to address the experiences of both singing leaders and singers by means of interview and questionnaire data. Taken together, the findings support notions of psychophysiological health benefits. Longitudinal studies will be needed to explore the dynamics of these benefits and the contribution of group singing to facilitating individual transition between therapy and every-day life. 

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